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Rebecca C

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Rebecca C 1 Reviews
Teresina is a body genius

Teresina has been training me for 3 years and it has been LIFE CHANGING. I am healthier and younger-looking than when I started and it's because she has taught me how to tap into my Core Self. I am enthusiastically motivated to keep showing up to her classes because I continue to learn more about myself, turn on the use of more muscles, regularly reach new health milestones, and, coincidentally, look sexier than ever. Her methods are not about losing weight nor are they directly about getting muscle definition. These are just bonuses. Her methods are about teaching her clients how to access our true self via our core muscles and to use them regularly for better health and vitality for the rest of our life. Because of her, I will be fit and strong for decades into the future. Every single person alive needs to know what she teaches. Even people who are experts on fitness and the human body will learn something life-changing from her. I've met many, many trainers and other body professionals who are missing this key element to physical health: core muscle activation. This is Teresina's expertise. I am forever grateful for the gift that her work has been in my life.

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